Candied, crushed sago't gulaman


Kambyero is a blog about video games, for and by Filipinos who play. We intend to foster discourse on gaming and its corresponding culture and craft. Read our vision statement if you like. Kambyero publishes thrice a week, with specials on the weekends.

A bit on our name: we’ve commandeered “kambyo” to mean joystick, and not that thing boys do to their gear sticks when they think no one is looking. Such is the power of language. We can help it catch on.

Feel free to join the discussion via your WordPress, Twitter, or Facebook account. To speak with us directly, drop us an email, because correspondence is wonderful. Like us on Facebook and/or follow us on Twitter. The power is yours!

Meet our crack team of writers:

Job Duanan, Executive Expectorator of the Unexpected

Orange Three

Job believes that pixels are building blocks of love and understanding.

Joseph Berida, Playah One

Black Four

Joseph likes video games. He also likes writing. Do the math. He hates math.

Lukas Velunta, Lost and Founder

Green Two

Lukas never bought an N-Gage. He once made his students keep Minecraft journals.

Mix Villalon, High Priestess to the Blood God

Gray Five

Fictionist and playwright, Mix teaches impressionable minds about games, and keeps the flame lit.

We also have contributors (Kontributors?), the esteemed ranks of which you can join!

Matthew Arcilla was abandoned in Virra Mall throughout the early 90s, subsisting on a diet of sugar cane juice, Magoo’s Pizza and DOS games. After successful rehabilitation at the turn of the century, he managed to find his way doing editorial work for UNO Guam and the Fully Booked Zine.


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