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I Tues You: Superdimensional


by Teemu Väisänen

itysd 1

Have you ever hallucinated? Tripped the light fantastic and left whatever’s real and good in this world to delve into the shambolic mind-palaces of your subconscious? Do you even know what shambolic means? Let Superdimensional teach you.

The big winner of Ludum Dare 30, Superdimensional is an exercise in dimensional metaphysics. It plays with the idea of the mutable self and of existence across multiple planes of reality. It suggests that pandimensions still have a place for a boulder rolling listlessly across the snowy plain. In another world, he is–AUUUUGHH! WHERE..? OH GOD, IT WORKED. IT WORKED! HEY! YOU! YOU! DO NOT PLAY THIS. DO NOT PLAY THIS GA–a free-floating orb of tentacles in an empty ocean. In yet another, she is an experimental dollop of sentient goo climbing up the walls of a factory complex. But here, it is a boulder. Just a boulder. Keeping on rolling on.

ity sd 3

This game is terribly clever. You do not control your main character. This is his journey–ME! WHAT? WHAT HAPPENED? MY MULTIVERSAL STATUS IS–not yours. However, you can help him by moving him in between–UNSTABLE! NO, I DON’T HAVE ANY TIME LEFT! PLEASE, DO NOT PLA–dimensions. The dimensional shifts are controlled by oscillating cones which are, in turn, controlled by your mouse. Swivel your cursor around and your boulder floats in a stagnant–MY WIFE, DEAD! MY CHILDREN, DEAD! EVERYONE I’VE EVER LOVED, DEA–sea. Swish to the other end and your infant monstrosity scales the walls of an industrial wasteland.

ity sd2

The objective? Go forward. Just that. Across the myriad dimensional divides, through the walls of meta-reality, this idea has not changed. Everyone and everything in everyplace in every possible timeline looks to the horizon and forges ahead. That is just how we, and boulders, are built.

DO NOT–Play the game here. Or by clicking any of the screens.


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Job believes that pixels are building blocks of love and understanding.

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