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I Tues You: You Only Get One Wish

You Only Get One Wish

by Calciumtrice

Things I would wish for if I find a magic lamp in the woods, inside of which a genie pops out, flexes his tight core, twitches his luxuriant mustache toward me, and carefully explain in a quiet but powerful voice that he will grant me a single wish:

1. A blank check (so I can cash out a million dollars for myself, dummy)
2. One of those rad body-braces so I can sleep while standing (because I don’t want anything to do with all that lying down jazz)
3. World peace or maybe a third burrito (obviously I am already holding two burritos–one in each hand–in this fantasy scenario)

Any of these really. Which is probably why I haven’t stumbled upon any reality-warping artifacts in my bi-weekly strolls! These wishes are like the opposite of dope! No one will ever love me!


This girl though. Have you ever met a girl that was so damn cool, you walked away from every encounter with a sharp, frigid exhale? Like you were a clear-eyed and clean-shaven model in a toothpaste commercial? Like, “Wooh, that lady was cooler than sunglasses on a pug! Righteous cool!” Did the girl’s coolness force you to say the word “righteous” unironically? I am already wiping my damp brow here, man. I can’t handle this.

This fab young lady stars in a Ludum Dare 28 entry, You Only Get One Wish. It’s a Twine game with a Choose Your Own Adventure kind of deal. But unlike regular CYOAs with bad ends where prepubescent boys get pelted in the face by snakes for daring to step inside a suspicious backroom, You Only Get One Wish’s endings are all excellent. No, I’m not saying they are all good endings. I’m saying they are all excellent. Find them all.

Play it. I’ll stop yapping, I promise. Just click on this or any of the screenshots and get to wishing. Remember, you only get one. Think HARD. Think COOL.



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