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I Tues You: Realistic Kissing Simulator

ity kiss2

Realistic Kissing Simulator

by Jimmy Andrews and Loren Schmidt

Oh man. I might need a towel.

This is hot stuff, guys. I apologize but things are going to get downright raunchy this Tuesday.

Realistic Kissing Simulator is for you dirty boys who want to experience real, virtual smooching action. Ever wonder what it’s like to kiss actual lips? The actual lips of a person? Well, bucko, today is your lucky day.

Time to get coarse.

It takes two to tongue tango so find a partner, moisten up, and get smackin’! For this session, you have full reign over the A and Z buttons. They are two naughty betties that will attend to your every beck and call. Tweak them just right and they will do anything you desire.

ity kiss3

Player Two gets to use and abuse the up and down arrow keys. Don’t worry about hurting them. Chances are, those two dirty boys are into it. That’s just how they roll.

This is a safe space, so make sure you give consent before anything else. Don’t get too pushy. ‘No’ means ‘no’. ‘Yes’ means ‘time for some tonsil hockey, you saucy boy’.

Push the buttons just right to experience a perfectly accurate simulacrum of smutty and sweaty makeouts. Do you want some tongue? Here’s way too much of it! Craving for some hardcore eyeball action? You got it! Shove it up his nose! Yeah, that’s exactly how real people do it in real life.

Get physical over here or by clicking any of these money shots.

ity kiss1


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