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I Tues You: Super Frisco Frenzy

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Super Frisco Frenzy

by Felix Wiesner

There are some people who just want to see the world burn. While riding a passenger tram. With a gaggle of rabid football fans. In downtown San Fransisco. While distressingly urgent synth music blares inside their earholes.

Do you like incomprehensible games? Not the usual, high-concept, arthouse Twine games! No, we don’t have time for those tonight! AN OUT OF CONTROL MONORAIL IS SPEEDING THROUGH SAN FRANSISCO AS WE SPEAK



Super Frisco Frenzy is one of those games that doesn’t sound right unless you are screaming the title while madly gesticulating. You are a monorail or a monorail driver. You want to run down as many passenger vehicles as possible. So basically Speed if it were a much better movie. Pills floating in mid-air grant you score multipliers. Footballs grant you the kind of manic insanity that powers major sporting events and Youtube noscope montages. The best kind.

ity sff2

Everything explodes. Schoolbuses. Cessnas. Hotdog carts. I love how the clean, cartoony art flair works incredibly well with the explosions. Like a Chris Ware cartoon directed by Michael Bay.

Fun games still exist, guys. They’ve been living under a rock, plotting to wrest you away from super heavy narrative-driven text adventures and arcane and loopy first-person exploration sims. They’ve always been here, going crazy in their isolation.

Commit vehicular genocide here. Or by clicking any of these pictures.

ity sff3


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