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I Tues You: FOC/US

ity focus1


by Felix Park and Adam Lederer

A lady once said that photography is the art of observation. “It’s all about preserving instances of brilliance and humanity, man,” she said (I paraphrase). I’m no photographer but I understand the curiosity working behind it. By the very act of observing, you are complicit in the affairs of people. Whatever heartbreak or elation they felt–you were there watching.

FOC/US takes this idea of human complicity and observation. You are an observer, hunting for the next visual story, the next character piece. Aiding you is a camera, of course. But it doesn’t take pictures! What kind of damnfool contraption is this? The camera’s function is, eponymously, to only focus. A key mechanic in the game, the charm and conceit of FOC/US lies in the search for characters to talk to.

ity focus2

I will not give away where they are. Just that these characters aren’t just eye candy or Where’s Waldo entities. They have very distinct and realistic personalities and backstories. They have problems. They have prides. Sometimes, they sound like your friends. Other times, they sound just like you.

There are stories in these concentrated shots of virtual humanity. They are existentialist vignettes of humor and loneliness and alienation. You can find them like you would in real life–by paying attention.

You can play FOC/US here or by clicking any of the pictures.

ity focus3


About Job Duanan

Job believes that pixels are building blocks of love and understanding.

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