Candied, crushed sago't gulaman

I Tues You: GRAIL


by Paul Lawitzki

ity grail2

I died again. From the boulder this time. Before that, the skeleton. Before that, the spiked gates. Before that, well, that same skeleton.

I was tasked by, by… by someone. A wizard? A seer? The counseling satrap, maybe? I can’t, I can’t–the king himself? Do I even have a king? A queen? Gods, this place. This place has done something to me. I can’t remember. I can’t remember! Why am I here? Who put me in this place?

Why? Why can’t I die? WHY CAN’T I GO BACK?

ity grail4

I mistime my jump and I fall. To my twelfth (thirteenth?) doom.

A blinding flash molests my vision. I am… back. Once more into the breach, I suppose. There is nothing else I can do. Each time I die, the room’s deadly secrets engrave themselves upon me. Time a jump there and you dodge the razor wheel trap. Stop a few feet in front of the skeleton to leave him open for your sword. Keep moving right. And remember–always remember: when you hear rumbling, run like as if Devil was at your heels.

Sometimes, mistakes happen. The razor pendulum metronomes asynchronally from your timing. The skeleton pulls back its swinging arm before you could close the gap. You fall stupidly again and again and again and–

I have to find the Grail. I remember now. Yes! This is important. The most important thing in the world! I know what I have to do.

Only then can I go home.


ity grail3

You can play GRAIL here. Or by clicking any of the pictures.


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