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I Tues You: Deeper Sleep

ity deeper 3

Deeper Sleep

by scriptwelder

I’ve never completely invested in learning how to lucid dream.  People who swear by it, penning journal volumes and messageboard paragraphs about their sojourns, sound like they’re touched by a special fairy of crazy. But it is an idea, gallivanting in a space made entirely of subconscious dreamstuff. I wouldn’t mind having free reign of my REM-state fantasies.

[Every Tuesday, we… tues a free browser game that you can play in five minutes.]

But the rule with hallucinogenic brain experiences is to always keep your cool. That psychosexual bogeyman, that “One Bad Trip,” is always nipping at your heels. You can’t escape, wherever you may go–be it the psychotropic paradise of magic mushrooms or the worldbending mindspires of lucid dreaming. Lose control and poop hits the fan. The thing about poop is that it will stain everything.

ity deeper 1

This is Deeper Sleep. Another scriptwelder cocktail shot of shortform adventuring, streamlined logic puzzling, and high-octane nightmare weaving. A sequel to the Internet cult hit Deep Sleep, Deeper Sleep is more of the same, which is to say it is still bleeds atmosphere, tension, and several different kinds of vital fluids.

You play the protagonist of Deep Sleep, alive but scarred from the last game’s terrifying gauntlet. Like a true horror protagonist, you still can’t look away from the writhing abyss of the dream realm. is calling out to you and you have to answer. It was just going to be a routine library visit, just a quick peek at select tomes that may tell you more about what happened. You tell this to yourself as the world you know melted away, leaving you back in the place where shadows move and reality is ever out of reach.


You have to.


You can play Deeper Sleep here or by clicking any of the pictures.

ity deeper 2


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