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Sundate: A Brief History of Nintendo

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Click for Lukas's secret origins!Lukas “Ear of Luigi” Velunta: I like Nintendo a lot, despite having a Vita in my photograph. A Family Computer was my very first console, bought for my sixth birthday. And after a nearly fifteen-year console drought (dotted with affairs with handhelds and PC), I bought a Wii in 2010.

Nintendo’s always known how to make amazing games, from portables (the DS has one of the most diverse libraries ever gathered) to consoles (my poor, poor Wii U). Before I became the graphics whore I am today, with my refrigerator of a desktop, I loved the gameplay-centric conceit of most games on Nintendo platforms. I still do, actually. Besides, without the timely intervention of Nintendo, we probably wouldn’t be playing video games today. We’d probably be playing hoops ‘n’ sticks. We should find a way to celebrate Nintendo’s legacy.

[In Sundate, two writers kick back in their rocking chairs and wax reminiscent.]

Click for Kyle's secret origins!Kyle “Koopa King” England: That sounds like a wonderful idea, Lukas. I also like Nintendo, despite holding a DualShock in my photograph. Coincidentally, the two of us have been recording and publishing a podcast about Nintendo and its storied past for the last, oh I don’t know, two months?

We’ve discussed the origins of the little Japanese company as a card manufacturer and love hotel proprietor; talked about the inception and marked popularity of Mario, its mascot; delved into the system that saved the gaming industry, the eponymous Family Computer; gone on a Master Quest with The Legend of Zelda; and most recently, booted up the handheld that started it all, the Game Boy.

Isn’t it about time you linked our show on your video game blog, like I did on mine?

Lukas: You are right, Kyle! Please understand.

Family Computer 640

Family Computer is a fortnightly podcast about for those interested in retro Nintendo. GIVE US FIVE-STAR REVIEWS ON ITUNES. Here are our episodes so far! You should probably start with the third.

Episode 001: The Beginning (Nintendo’s sordid past!)

Episode 002: Enter Jumpman (It’s a-him, Mario!)

Episode 003: Play with Power (Happy 30th anniversary, Family Computer!)

Episode 004: You Are Error (The brutal first two Zelda games)

Episode 005: Dot Matrix (Da-link! That is the sound of a Game Boy turning on)


About Lukas Velunta

Lukas never bought an N-Gage. He once made his students keep Minecraft journals.

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