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I Tues You: 1984

ity 1984 1


by Gideon Rimmer

The game 1984 is not meant to be a replacement. Nor is it a complete translation of the book’s dominant themes of mind control and physical oppression. It is more of a portrait or a time-capsule. If there were a non-Euclidean portal we could pop our heads into to peer at Oceania’s murky day-to-day, this is what we would see.

A foot slamming against a face! Despair transforming into fearful devotion in the heart of a hopeless man! Citizens throwing profanities at a man attempting to educate! Catchy but scarily reductive slogans!

[Every Tuesday, we… tues a free browser game that you can play in five minutes.]

ity 1984 3

Player control is limited. The game propels itself with your clicks. There’s some minor interactivity here and there, but you mostly find yourself in situations you don’t want to be in and cannot get out of.  It’s all right. No matter what they tell you, remember: it is not your fault.

The game 1984 is an effective invitation to read the book 1984 for yourself, which is not to say it can’t stand on its own broken, scabrous legs. There is horror there still, in the increasingly jittery camera and pixels angrily rearranging on a skull-like face. 1984 is alive and well and apparently infecting every facet of our mediaaaAAAAIGNORANCE IS STRENGTH

You can play 1984 here. Or by clicking any of the pictures.

ity 1984 4


About Job Duanan

Job believes that pixels are building blocks of love and understanding.

One comment on “I Tues You: 1984

  1. karlalujah
    4 October 2013

    I don’t think the links seem to be working. I’d love to play the game, though. War is peace!

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