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MolyJam Deux: Skirt Quest

mj skirt 3

Skirt Quest

by Twinbeard Studios

Little girls are the worst, man. My other day job as a school teacher has me cutting through the 8th graders during recess. They say hi to me and I say hi back. Then there’s the titter. It ripples after me and I begin searching myself for what I did wrong. Was it my hair? Does it look awful? Is my fly open? I look down violently. No, it’s all zipped up. God, do I smell? Are my jeans sufficiently hip? Did I cuff them wrong? OH GOD WHY ARE THEY LAUGHING AT ME

The two protagonists of Twinbeard Studios’ Skirt Quest are going through the same thing, friendo. They’re two young souls enrolled in a hard knocks school where social confidence is dictated by the length of their skirts. You need to get to class but mean queens litter the halls, their skirts impeccably adjusted and their eyebrows cocked haughtily in your direction. They know the score! Impress them and you lengthen the countdown to your nervous breakdown.

Get to your classes! Navigate the hallways! Pull your skirt up with QW and pull it down with AS! Lament the brutal reality this game satirizes!

mj skirt 2

There are two ways to play Skirt Quest: as a girl and as a guy.

I have an inkling your main girl doesn’t want to be here. She seems too kind–a wearer of practical denim. To be forced to wear clothes just to keep your sanity is painful to her. After every checkpoint, her self-esteem halves and she begins craving reassurance like it’s a drug.

Being a crossdressing boy is much harder. You don’t get self-esteem bumps from the popular girls. But the main guy just couldn’t care less. That dead serious look in his eye means that irony hasn’t even occurred to him. He likes this. He likes wearing the skirt. This is who he is. After every class, his confidence barely takes a hit. It soars like his dreams.

We can learn a lot from him.

Play Skirt Quest here or by clicking any of the pictures.

mj skirt 1


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