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MolyJam Deux: Conspicuous

mj conspic 2


by Nick Witsel and Shawn McCool

“I have to be careful what I say, there are PR policemen in the audience with sniper rifles.” – Peter Molyneux

Shady government men infringe on our privacy every day. Don’t worry too much about them. So what if there’s a desk jockey listening in on our inane phone conversations and navigating through our endless hashtag smog clouds, on the peek for terrorist threats? I’m just happy somebody finds me interesting. Hey, Agent Smithers or Glick or McCulloch, you’re an all right kind of guy. In Conspicuous, you play a government spook  casing a video game convention. All around you is a panoply of colorfully-garbed congoers, fuffing about in the sweltering stuffiness of con air. Your mission is to eavesdrop amongst the congoers and sniff out threats. What kind of threats? Oh you know, just your general, run-of-the-mill national threats. Code blue to code yellow, on the average. Code orange, if you get lucky?

mj conspic 1

This game is made of impeccably arranged pixels. This is also paranoia and panic, the stuff of torture and scapegoats. Conspicuous drops you in a vidya con, a hotbed of crass wording and reckless turns of phrase. You have to determine which conversations are actual dangers and which ones are just byproducts of a neglectful home life and hormonal mood changes. The trick is to juggle between conversations, to keep listening until you hear something that allays or confirms your suspicions. Either way, it doesn’t really matter! People have been arrested for treason on flimsier evidence. Have fun looking at the Where’s Waldo-esque frame. Enjoy the dialogue. Play it online here. Download a Windows, Mac, or Linux build here.

mj conspic 3


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