Candied, crushed sago't gulaman


ity noseru 3


by 新人クリエーター

Remember those terrible carnival games you played as a gullible and unobservant kid? You drop 10 bucks to throw this plastic hoop ’round that Coke bottle. Three tries per tenner. If your hyperkinetic child elbow doesn’t spazz out on you, you get a prize for sinking in all three hoops. A bar of Cloud 9. A plastic drink bag half-filled with Haw Haw. A gaudily colored plastic mug.

The rush of it though! It wasn’t like anything on the pier, with its ferris wheel passenger cars doubling as rusty makeout shacks and its repurposed car battery bumper cars. It was a war of wits and reflexes, of numbers crunched and variables considered. The stakes were high. 10 whole pesos + machismo points redeemable at the schoolyard crush standing next to you.

NOSERUDAKE is that game, given a modern (heh) spin. Instead of hoops, you fling different shapes. Instead of a coke bottle divot, you get a spinning platform and a metal bar (sometimes). Instead of a pat on the face or a kiss on the eye or whatever it is you do with girls, your reward is more shapes. Sometimes, you get books to throw. Other times, benches.

ity noseru 2

The point of the game is to throw shapes at the platform and keep it there. Don’t let them fall off! Cracking the glorious Nippon language is simple once you understand your two objectives. Fair warning, the shapes become unwieldier as you progress. That’s okay. The game allows you to think a bit differently every time you fail. Making alterations and adjustments burrow into your hypothalamus. The blinking colors and sounds of the carnival fade away along with the girl and the prize. All’s left is an expanse of white and navy. And 50 bricks awaiting their port.

NOSERUDAKE means “just stacking.” Perfect.

Play it here. Or by clicking any of the pictures.

ity noseru 1


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