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ThThTh: Xbone DRM stance reversed


Don “the system is engineered to have the 24-hour check” Mattrick recently updated the Xbox blog with a complete and utter reversal of their previous draconian DRM policies.

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In a post called “Your Feedback Matters”, Microsoft revealed their complete and utter fear of their system not getting bought this generation by doing a glorious backpedal of all of their Xbone DRM “features”.

Changes include a one-time online activation, as well as everything the PS4 can do as regards disc-based games (along with every console ever.)

Read all about it here, but this changes nothing. It only proves that Microsoft can’t be trusted about anything. This is not about Microsoft suddenly becoming pro-consumer. This is a turnabout mandated by greed, not consideration. They had all the infrastructure in place to move forward with the original policy, and as little as a few days ago, indicated that their DRM was set in stone. Microsoft also said that if people didn’t have an internet connection adequate for the Xbone, they should just buy a 360.


In related news, to ensure that your new Xbone system can work offline in accordance with this blatant admission of a boldfaced lie, a day-one patch must be downloaded and installed. So, to enjoy your offline console, you must first take it online. Who knows, maybe it’ll be a “Press X to remove DRM” situation.

Needless to say, this reversal and the shitstorm that preceded it has mad Microsoft look like incompetents, bereft of any sense of dedication to their latest product. The best part? All of the corporate apologist “journalists” have been revealed as the shills (they probably prefer the term “futurists”) they are.

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