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I Tues You: Three Body Problem

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Three Body Problem

by Robin Burkinshaw

Play for the requisite 5 minutes or play for an hour. It doesn’t matter to them. These orange drones are two implacable forces hounding your scent no matter which way you wend or flourish. Their pathing is smarter than you think. Attempt your matador sidesteps and watch as they curve their trajectory and rush your location.

ity 3bp 1

Three Body Problem begins with something like a Mexican duel. Your block stands unmoving, facing off the two hazards and weighing its options. It reaches a decision and attempts flight. The two give chase and you begin a dangerous dance. Step on lit panels to earn points. Do this until death. Press the spacebar to respawn. Die again. Die and die until the curls of your brain rearrange to form a frowning face.

Like most skill-based indies, your reaction time increases the more you fail. Think of the first 50 tries as a training montage so don’t embarrass yourself by dying immediately on the 51st. Tricks and strategies will organically present themselves as muster up every ounce of gristle to break 30 points.

Every 10 seconds, the game gets faster, compounding the urgency of your situation. At 30 seconds, you’ll be running on undistilled reaction time. There’s no room for hesitation or calculation–what’s left is a reptilian bundle at the back of your mind, screeching at you to get away.

Play Three Body Problem here or by clicking any of the pictures.

ity 3bp 2


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