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Kambyero at E3: Microsoft


I’m getting ahead of myself.

So Microsoft was coming into E3 with nothing but bad press. This was going to be their one chance to win back even just a little of the hardcore gaming audience they’ve since alienated with a focus on a “all-in-one” entertainment smorgasbord of TV, sports, and COD and horrendous anti-consumer policies.

Did they accomplish that, or did they just keep digging their own graves? Thankfully, we at Kambyero were there LIVE* to see which direction Don Mattrick and the rest of the clowns were heading!

*no, not really

i’m somewhere in the front row seats to get a real good look at how Microsoft planned on making their hour and a half long public apology

If there was one way for Microsoft to make me not hate them, it’s having them show off an exclusive first peek at Metal Gear Solid V. Although we don’t have David Hayter doing the iconic Snake voice, I think having Keifer “Jack Fuckin’ Bauer” Sutherland as the new VA is a pretty damn fine second option.



Everything about the game itself looks great, although the power of this next generation doesn’t really shine so much in terms of having “more pixels” and higher resolution textures. It’s in the other things such as lighting, particle effects and other background graphical features.

A shiny new Xbox 360 sporting the sleek black Xbox One look is… OK? No announced price drop though so I’m not sure what the point of that was! Getting two “free” games by subscribing now to Xbox Live Gold also isn’t really drawing much attention, especially with the games they’re offering soon were released in 2010 and 2007.

hey Patrick you play this game, right?


A couple more 360 games to come out soon, but nothing that really stands out much except for maybe Dark Souls II confirmed to be out on the console.

As for the games coming out for the XBONE, Microsoft actually delivered on their promise to showcase what they’ve planned for E3.

-There’s Ryse: Son of Rome AKA “QTE: The Game”

-The out of nowhere revival of long dead fighting game franchise (and total Mortal Kombat rip-off) Killer Instinct

-The latest entry in the Forza Motorsports series where the computer plays the game for you when you’ve got better things to do

-Sunset Overdrive which actually looks kinda cool (although what was shown was just a trailer)

-Minecraft which is getting its own fancy new Xbox One upgrade

-Quantum Break which has an intriguing time stop premise and will integrate with the Xbox One TV show of the same name

-Project Spark AKA Minecraft But Even Better

-“Episodic murder mystery” D4 starring Keanu Reeves.

-Another franchise revival of sorts with Crimson Dragon that had the crowd cheering and making their own sound effects

-Dead Rising 3 which seems to have abandoned the silliness of the first two games for a grittier atmosphere (oh who am i kidding HAMMER-SAW)



-The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt which is as DARK MATURE AND EPIC as the first two

-Battlefield 4 which made for an even more awkward presentation than the Killer Instinct 3 “match” that had a RAPE JOKE

-All new unnumbered Halo that had Master Chief wearing fucking rags for some dumb reason

-Indie game support with the highlight on a dungeon crawler/explorer Below

-And another new IP Titanfall featuring more giant robots, more shooting, more teamwork, and more explosions

xbox one titanfall titan

All in all, the games showcase wasn’t bad. It’s got a good mix of new and old IPs in different genres, most of which are exclusives, to satisfy fans of longtime series while also introducing something fresh for people to get excited about. The possibilities of cloud computing in the realms of advanced AI (it’s still AI no matter what that dude said) and on-the-fly world building were also rather impressive, as shown by Forza, Project Spark, and Titanfall. 

Unfortunately for Microsoft, there is still the dark cloud of used games and always online DRM looming above that prevent hardcore gamers from reaching a good level of interest on the console. The $499 price tag also didn’t help matters. If only Microsoft didn’t force the Kinect on customers in the XBONE package, they might have come up with a much more competitive price.

And of course, as we all found out later on, Sony proceeded to bury any hope Microsoft would have of winning over the hearts of hardcore gamers in their own E3 conference.

Microsoft’s latest reactions to the overwhelmingly positive response to Sony’s decisions to not go down the same route as Microsoft also aren’t very encouraging about a possible recovery. Microsoft Game Studios Corporate VP Phil Spencer believes that the video game console race “isn’t a sprint”, and that they’ve still got Gamescom and the Tokyo Game Show to impress more people. Mentioning TGS is rather ironic, considering Microsoft’s narrow-minded focus on the US with the XBONE’s all-in-one entertainment features and their total lack of brand presence in Japan.

Then there’s Don Mattrick basically giving a fuck you to people complaining about the XBONE’s 24 hour online restriction.

It’s a familiar arrogance that led to Sony giving up their market domination with the reveal of the PlayStation 3 back in ’06, showing that supposedly loyal customers could very well jump ship if the one they’re currently on is going to sink.

With that in mind, I think we can all agree that for the audience that actually cares the most about Microsoft’s consoles, the Xbox One is pretty much done.


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