Candied, crushed sago't gulaman

Humble Indie Rap Jumble Vol.1

igr braid

Braid by XHI


It’s unbelievable, the fullest extent of this quandary
Time has no boundaries?
Stop, drop, and rise ‘gainst this lyrical flow
Repress and rewind my chronological headshow
Armed to the teeth in a jacket and tie
Glocks dropped in favor of death from the sky
Assassination by incorporation via aerial dropbombs
Savor the emasculation via shoe polish lip balm
Tim is the handle, that’s time with no E
You gotta get with the program if you want to be free
Be a bearer of errors or go meta on all these betas
Eliminate toxicity in relationship arenas
Sure, she’s pushing, but you gotsta push back
Till her will creaks at the weight of your attack
Ain’t no quitter am I neither when the time to chase was right
Chandeliers cascading as the pretty girl took flight
From the variegated horrors trembling just beneath the skin
Of the moral implications, of my original sin
Snap back to the point where goombas burp and breed
Restore the obfuscation of my atrocious deeds
Deny and replay, rewi-rewind and record
Get lost in the tangle of this string theory whipcord
Lassoing memories lacerated and picked
Plucked from a mind grown malignant and sick
As I venture to indenture these thoughts bright and stray
I’ll rage on these bunnies and pretend to save the day

irg meatboy

Super Meat Boy by Dave Rapoza

Meat Boy

Squish and splat, leave a trail of manly viscera
Here comes the Meat Boy, Platformicusplendifera
Heralded by space warping in on its dimensions
Teleporting to locations where the goal is true ascension
To platforming Valhalla, path paved with saws and blades
Rock salt, hypodermics, abominations locked and caged
Till I step onto the plane, wall-jumping about
And death comes abrupt! Can’t figure it out!
The level with the shaft, spikes jutting and bent
Confounding exhibition of moves grand and sent
From Heaven above. Cut the fat ’cause it’s no mean feat.
Sweat out till you bristle, till you’re muscle and meat
A knight in shining cold cuts, implacable and steady
A girl wrapped in bandages, a balm primed and ready
An opportunity, a villain, a swipe, an escape
And a Meat Boy’s left alone in the virtual landscape
What’s for me to do? Race faster than I parse
Navigate the critters all gunning for my arse
Traps, bold as brass, bending worlds to their scheme
A cacophonic advance of buzz, whirrs, and screams
And smack dab in the middle, a youth carved from gristle
Level after level, like a laser-guided missile,
On sync with the rhythm, knees bear the brunt
Speedier than Gonzales as I keep my eyes up front
No lagging in my quest, take meter after meter
45 tries make victories even sweeter.

igr quote 3

Cave Story – Sacred Grounds by louten


Bam! Hit the ground with a terrible clunk
Hydraulic actuators all funked up and junk
Beginning this geas with a flash ala-pistolero
Shredding and embedding caps deep in the marrow
Of these legless adversaries that hover and fly
Glint in my eye as I blow ’em sky-high
Swathes cut and chipped from this isle’s military
Supplied and produced by a psychopathic visionary
And here comes a challenger, machine gun in hand
A grin on her lips as she strikes up the band
In her mind, a save-the-world symphony plays
Inextricably linked to this ending of days
Curly Brace to my Quote, syntactical sympathy
Running circles round my foes as we elevate in infamy
Coded altruism crackling deep in my circuit board
Developing a prism of Aasimov purpose stored
Burrowing within this localized holocaust
Weaponized citizens fed red petals–lost
In this tempest of blood, sweat, and oil
Balrog, Misery, Cat-Tank–no shortage of foils
The weight of the world crashing down on my shoulder joints
Crunching probabilities, straining at the breaking point
But I get up and fight, trigger finger on the stagger
Making trouble for the system, lone survivor and attacker

igr scythian

Untitled (The Scythian) by Kelly Smith

The Scythian

I was like, oh, snap. I’m back in this spacious,
Vexacious forest, herbaceous!
I’m waiting for the right time to keep at ease
Thrushin’ underbrush scraping at my knees
Shrub shaking, a shape in the shading
Aw fuck, a wolf’s lain and waiting
Clock it, got it tender at the top of the hill
Sword swipe, Shield block, then in for the kill
Bend rounding, sheep been grazing
Girl tending, I need her to
Go on on through her cottage door
Give me the thing that I’m fighting for
Sorry don’t need to ignite my fuse
Don’t mean I’m berating you
And can’t nobody give me news?
This quest got me singing the blues.

A fella outside chopping trees that he toppled
Dog at his feet, drooling, keening, and awful
I see you hiding, something, information all bottled
I’ll be damned! Cough it up. Don’t want a squabble
Got me some headway, lead out in the sticks to find it
Shack’s way, update, way outta my sight and
Trees closing and exposing but I’m cool as ice
A face overhead, cliff-carved. That’s nice.
Mingi Taw, I’ve got up to this point
Enter, sword locked, stiff in my wrist joint
Megatome burrowed deep has got me bemused.
But at last I end this cavern cruise
So I take it down, blade cut through the bone
And I hold in my hands, most Mega of tomes
But this looming apparition appears and then says:
“Girl, it’s best you run from here.”


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