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I Tues You: You Must Escape

ity yme1
You Must Escape

by GertJohnny

You are footsteps wandering through tight corridors. There is only darkness. There are only sound waves that scatter and ricochet off the walls. Hazards are signified by lines passing through a red filter. There is an exit.

There are monsters. They can hear you.

You Must Escape is something cold and terrifying. It’s a Ludum Dare 26 entry–a survival horror exploration game that steals your sight and replaces it with white lines bounding off the walls. It’s a geometric, beautiful interpretation of echolocation. Lines skitter in directions that lead to other corridors. They change to red to warn you of traps. Lances of bright white spiderweb over the exit.

And then there are the monsters. Or maybe they’re demons? Ghosts? They are every murderous grotesquerie conjured by your nightmares. They are nothing but dark red quasars that signal their advance with a reedy breeze. Their deadliest weapon is the sound of your footfalls. Once a line strays into their sphere of influence, they will hunt you. They will glide through walls, implacable in their pursuit. You can try to muffle your footsteps, sneaking past them. The catch: you have to do it in the dark.

You weigh which is worse.

ity yme2

[Every Tuesday, we… tues a free browser game that you can play in five minutes.]

Minimalism relies on the power of suggestion and negative space. Whittle down a thing and strip away the superficial, the details, and you’re left with the barest concept of that thing. What is left is for the mind to reconstruct and reinterpret.  An @ sign becomes a war-weary veteran treasure hunting in a foreign crypt. An orange rectangle becomes the savior of a people just grasping the idea of sentience.

Pulsating red explosions become anything and everything your mind can imagine. Inject constant panic and anxiety of confusion at being adrift in a sea of darkness with bits of red death churning at choice positions.

Read the title again.

You realize you have no other choice.

You can play You Must Escape here or by clicking the title or any of the pictures.

ity yme3


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Job believes that pixels are building blocks of love and understanding.

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