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ThThTh: Viridian City

That Tentacruel is... cool.

Here at Kambyero, we love ourselves some Pokémon (except for Joseph, that hipster contrarian). We love our pulp, too. And when those two come together…

[Every Thursday, Kambyero highlights somethang fun in gaming.]

Viridian City is a comic by Ray Bruwelheide that splashes a coat of noir onto the World of Pokémon. Giovanni is as menacing as ever, and the Rocket organization (which he may or may not be leading) is more sinister than Jesse or James can even fathom.


Have me mentioned that the Pokémon designs are smashing? Check out that Voltorb! The comic has lots more– see if you can win this game of Who’s That Pokémon?

And Bill is a bear.


Meowth, that’s right.

[If you want to support more chapters of this masterpiece (we did!), there are details at the bottom of the page. You get behind-the-scenes goodies, too.]


One comment on “ThThTh: Viridian City

  1. Dillon Wilson
    13 May 2013

    What an absolute gem. I will be helping out for sure!

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