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I Tues You: Gods Will Be Watching

ity gwbw3

Gods Will Be Watching

by Deconstructeam

Noble mission. Terrorist attack. Crash landing. Deserted planet. Story of survival? Shuffle towards madness?

You start with 4 crewmates to care for and 40 days until help arrives. Objective: keep everyone together and alive. Your opponents: rare but roving predators; a paralytic virus; dwindling food, ammo, and sanity.

[Every Tuesday, we… tues a free browser game that you can play in five minutes.]

True to space opera form, each crewmate has a specialty. The Soldier hunts. The Doctor cures. The Engineer repairs. Only the Psychiatrist has a task that can’t be deconstructed as a single word. She keeps everyone sane. Tries to, at least. Her psyche is more sensitive, somehow more vulnerable to fraying than the others. She pitches back and forth, her head between her knees, understanding all too much.

ity gwbw1

In The Walking Dead, choice was always a present concept. Choice was your touchstone. Even during the most tragic of campaigns, your decisions had a flicker of empowerment. You were complicit  in the significance of every candy bar, every loss, every bullet. In Gods Will Be Watching, choice is an ever-worsening cancer that starts out terminal. You land in the desolate, beautiful wilderness and the option of killing your crew for food is already present. You rebel, as most do, in the beginning.

Then the Soldier wastes your ammo during an unsuccessful hunt. Then the Doctor gets sick and you run out of vaccines. Then the Engineer threatens to crack and no amount of pep talk will pull him back from the edge.

Then you realize all you ever needed was one bad day.

ity gwbw2

Gods Will Be Watching is interesting. Not just as a game, but as a sentence. Will Be denotes a sense of arrival, that whatever metaphysical force of order and morality has recently come into being to act as jury to your actions. Watching is a passive exercise. The gods will not work the machine. They will not alter or influence. They are just there. Every oversight, liability, and calculated sacrifice? They’re all on you. They’re all your fault.

Gods Will Be Watching is a Ludum Dare 26 entry. Play it here.


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