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ThThTh: Browser-based Miiverse arrives



Without a doubt, Miiverse is the best thing about the Wii U at the moment (Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate aside). The built-in social network-slash-message board is the standout feature of Nintendo’s latest home console. The service lets you pause at any time, go to the dedicated board for your game, and ask questions, post screenshots (in most games), and most importantly, it lets you draw pictures.

The tools Miiverse gives you are very simple. There are three thicknesses for the pen and three for the eraser, and that’s it. No tools for making shapes, straight lines, or any other colors apart from black and no-black. Miiverse’s limitations made it a great creative outlet for supremely talented artists, and waking up in the morning to see the fresh batch of art was something that made the Wii U experience even more special.

That is, until today. Miiverse is now accessible via any modern browser (in a hilarious turn of events, the 3DS’s browser can’t use it, but the one on the Vita can– the 3DS will get its own Miiverse client at the end of the year). Sure, you’ll need a Nintendo Network ID, which only Wii U owners can get at the moment,  but what that means is that we intrepid Wii Uers can share the awesomeness of Miiverse with the unenlightened (or the wiser).

Add us up on Miiverse! Our NNID is Kambyero.


By Brian Bolland (and cookumms!).

Th-Mii-Game Boy

Game Boy Camera! by pixeleater.


Don Corleone by Muku.
Lagiacrus by luna_moth


Zelda Anniversary by rontrium.



Spirit Tracks by shanona.


Ace Attorney 5 by furirin.

If the images appear corrupt, please click on them to bask in their eye-melting glory.


Seriously, rontrium is amazing.

We can’t neglect to mention the secret board on Miiverse, where a certain game has been taken over by listeners of Podtoid, the Destructoid podcast. Willem Dafoe pervades, to the exasperation of the five true lovers of Rabbids.


Polygons by iam16bit.


Songs by Buckshot.


Hypnosis by Proto-Cosby.

[Every Thursday, Kambyero pokes fun at somethang in gaming.]

PS. We were also thinking of doing That Thursday Thang about this insane trend of remaking video game boxart using only clip art and Comic Sans. Case in point:


Th-ME2Header images by cookumms. Have another!



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