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I Tues You: You Will Select a Decision No.1 – Small Child in Woods

ity ywsad

You Will Select No.1 – Small Child in Woods

by Brendan Patrick Henessy

You Will Select a Decision No.1 – Small Child in Woods is a Choose Your Own Adventure game written by the Kyrgyz Soviet Socialist Republic. Originally in Russian, this CYOA storybook has been translated to English and converted to hypertext for your reading pleasure. This is the first of hopefully an infinite number of books (so far, there are only two).

That’s it. What am I doing–the game pretty much covers that in the first page.

[Every Tuesday, we… tues a free browser game that you can play in five minutes.]

That’s all I have because words have lost all meaning for me. Letters? Coherence? Intelligent discourse? What are those? I can’t think properly. Thought is being transmogrified into these impeccably crafted sentences. My amygdala or whatever is being forced to read this out loud.

ity ywsad2

This is all you get because I’m sure you’re already looking at the screenshots. You’re interested, I can see that. You want me stop talking so you could click the link and play your night away. And some of you are already playing. Or reading. Or whatever. Some of you are laughing. I can hear you.

I am right outside your window and I am hearing the rolling laughter coming from your belly. You are wearing an oversized band t-shirt and old basketball shorts.

Don’t let me in, you foolish child.

ity ywsad1


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