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I Tues You: Do Not Touch


Do Not Touch

by Moniker

This is Do Not Touch.

Do Not Touch is a visual survey of cursor behavior recorded to the tune of pretty bangin’ Amsterdam (Amsterdamean?) pop music. The band is called Light Light. Much like The The and !!!, they are impervious to surface-level Googling.

Do Not Touch has NSFW bits. Please resist capitalizing on those bits.

Do Not Touch doesn’t work on Chrome. Try Firefox, if you want to loosen old memories of 2002. Or Internet Explorer, if you want to hate yourself.


[Every Tuesday, we… tues a free browser game that you can play in five minutes.]

Do Not Touch is the gamification of music videos. As awfully coined as that term is, it is true here. It follows the lead of Chairlift’s “Met Before“, a quirky treatment of quantum mechanics and shabbily-dressed, gradschooler romance, and of Arcade Fire’s sepia-toned suburban missive, The Wilderness Downtown. Do Not Touch is much less interactive, but not any less involving.

Do Not Touch is not a video game. Or maybe it is. That’s something to think about, and that’s good.

Do Not Touch is a comment. We are a generation born of this gargantuan and infectious hurricane called the Internet. Billions of people have the same dreams, the same gender preferences, the same reptilian thought processes as we do. It is a suggestion that we are keenly aware that we aren’t special. And we’ve somehow, somewhere down the line, made peace with that.



About Job Duanan

Job believes that pixels are building blocks of love and understanding.

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