Candied, crushed sago't gulaman

ThThTh: Winning Snake

I see a snake eating an elephant.

A certain gif has been making the internet rounds as of late, and it features a game we should all be familiar with, bringing long-buried memories of your grandfather’s old Nokia 3210 rise up to the surface:

I used the 3 and 7 keys because I was 1337

Snake, that compelling game we all had on our earliest mobile phones. Remember cruising along at Level 1, thinking, “Man, this game is easy, but painfully slow.”? And then you ramp it up to Level 9 and commit virtual suicide (and cannibalism) after one or two eats.

The animation of the Snake-beater becomes oddly hypnotic at the end, where the human player (or, according to certain cynics, AI pathfinder) zigs and zags along, finding the optimal route to tuck their body away so as not to accidentally eat it. Batman even makes an appearance, which, along with the patterns reminiscent of Inception, indicate that the player is actually Christopher Nolan.

At the thrilling end, when the snake becomes an ouroboros, a mysterious message pops up in Russian:

In Soviet Russia, fruit eat snake

Thanks to our Russian pal Dmi3k on NeoGAF, we know that the text reads thus:

We are going to show you a cartoon.
Connecting to the server.
No connection. Thank you, you are now free to go.

Cryptic metaphor.

It’s amazing how this ancient game takes more skill to beat than most modern titles do. They should make this into an esport. Recognizing the shorter attention span of modern society, the gif we’ve featured here is a sped-up version. But those who wish to witness the full 13-minute testament to video game skill, the realtime version is here.

Suck it, Space Impact.

[Every Thursday, Kambyero pokes fun at somethang in gaming.]


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