Candied, crushed sago't gulaman

I Tues You: Yeti Yeti Yeti Yeti

The first few minutes of David Lynch’s critically acclaimed Teletubbies episode.

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Tag In: A MOBA Monologue

A MOBA veteran explains why we Filipinos love such games, and why that love can be a problem sometimes.

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ThThTh: Browser-based Miiverse arrives

That Thursday Thang: Marvel at the fine motor skills of the most artistic Wii U owners. Plus, bonus content in Comic Sans!

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I Tues You: You Will Select a Decision No.1 – Small Child in Woods

You are in a completely different part of the woods and no bats. Here is a grumply old bear sitting on a mushroom.

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Co-Op Ed: Adblockers and Games Journalism

Is a man not entitled to the ads of his own site? No, says the adblocker, it shouldn’t belong to anyone because they are awful.

22 April 2013 · 3 Comments

ThThTh: Leviathan Warships

That Thursday Thang: Ship happens.

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Drawing the Line of Violence, Part 1: Hotline Miami

Plumbing the depths of video game violence in Hotline Miami and Spec Ops: The Line to discover what’s lying underneath, and if there is anything at all worth discovering.

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I Tues You: Do Not Touch

We are a part of something big and that something is video games.

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Review: Cart Life

It’s funny how our blood tastes like pennies, dimes, nickles, and quarters.

15 April 2013 · 2 Comments

Tag In: What, Me Mournful?

One editor’s feelings about the demise of LucasArts are about as complex to navigate as a Dial-A-Pirate Code Wheel.

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