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ThThTh: Metal Gear Solid V announced

Th4 Metal Gear Soliv V

Earlier today, Hideo Kojima finally became less of a tease and revealed, to the surprise of no one, that that video for mystery game The Phantom Pain is actually footage from Metal Gear Solid V… subtitled The Phantom Pain.

[Every Thursday, Kambyero pokes fun at somethang in gaming.]

Because Joakim = Kojima. Never change, you crazy Japanese man. Naturally, the trailer raises more questions than it answers. Why does it use a Roman numeral as opposed to the Arabic of previous sequels? Why does Snake have a horn? Who are the voice actors (KIEFER SUTHERLAND)!? What on earth will it actually look like on the ancient PS3 and 360? The footage is real-time running on PC, and yet PC has not been announced as a platform. How come this isn’t on the Wii U as well? It’s hemorrhaging enough third-party support, thank you very much!

th4 snake

When can we fight flaming pega-unicorn?

th4 pega-unicorn

And giant baleen whale?

th4 flaming baleen

And the most pertinent question, how much are they paying David Bowie?

th4 diamond dogs


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