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I Tues You: 24 Killers 

Tues3 clue

24 Killers

by Todd Luke

[Every Tuesday, we… tues a free browser game that you can play in five minutes.]

Cold. I hate the cold.

I walked into the club, into the warmth. Well, into the humidity. The club was damp and unfriendly. It was home. Wouldn’t mind dying in this place.

Twenty-four scowling faces turned away from their conversations to greet me. Twenty-three of those faces didn’t want me there. But one did. One had me right where it wanted.

A little bird sang a song about someone who didn’t like me very much. Wouldn’t say who or why. But the where–at least it got me that.

S0 here I am. Without a clue. Without a name. Music blaring and pounding the boredom out of these folks. Flagged the bartender and ordered a drink. If only one of these twenty-four wants me done, then I guess I’ll just have to make some friends.

Started asking around. Imagine my surprise when the first sentient pine tree I spoke to knew exactly what I was talking about. Damn. Told me my guy had two eyes. Almost everyone had two eyes, tree. This did not help me.

Next was the dame with… arms for miles. She only had one blue eye. She was safe. Wondered how my guy could eat with that mouth of his. That narrowed it down. Some are luckier than most, I told her. Your mouth and mine later tonight, ferinstance. I got a giggle. And a number. I’ll give her a call. If I don’t get iced. Maybe.

Tues3 die

Worked my way through the crowd until I had three left. There they were: kind of cuddly, mouthless, two eyes. Three left and I was out of leads. I have to make some more.

Set my phaser to fry. Pointed it at the nearest suspect and let loose. The guy sizzled and popped out of existence.

The bouncer barked at me to keep the manslaughter down. Sec0nd warning. Got my first one when I vaped the floating diamond for being cheeky.

Two more. 50/50.  Breathed in. Breathed out. I trained my gun at the cuddlier one and zapped.

I think I saw guilt in his eyes before they turned to dust.

Went back to the bar and billed out. Didn’t even get to finish my drink. Winked at the dame and headed out into the cold night.

Cold. I hate the cold.

Tues3 live


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