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ThThTh: Cawadooty Ruins Everything

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[Every Thursday, Kambyero pokes fun at somethang in gaming.]

Yeah, you heard that right. These fighting words are care of Tripwire Interactive’s head honchos. What brought this on? Well, maybe because Tripwire Interactive is a whiny little camper whose gamer score is lower than his age! Because… he’s also a baby? Go back to your mom’s baseement and make me a sandwich inside its kitchen, baby! Tips or GTFO! What a clamwhore, amirite? High five, brow! Give me a kiss!

This is, once again, the casual VS hardcore gamer argument dressed in a new skin. And that new skin is Kevlar. Kevlar and bitterness. But I won’t completely knock Tripwire down. Tripwire is a game studio who has released some very niche but well-regarded shooters. They know what they’re talking about and it’s no question that they have pretty solid insights to share. That bit about CoD compressing the skill gap between players? That makes sense to me. Having played CoD in the past, I noticed that most gamers’ strategies were comprised of auto-aiming and gunning while cursing really really loud. Either that or being dropped in the middle of an empty-looking map then suddenly shot in the head by someone lying prone in alcove. No, kid. I don’t even want to acknowledge that headshot! Oh! You know what shooters need less? Microphones! Amirite? MAN, THOSE GAMERZ

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You can also make a case about how CoD has mechanically stagnated throughout its video game history. Look at how little it has changed in the past several years. It’s a lot like sports games in that respect. Hmm, maybe shooting guys is a sport in America? I’m not familiar with American customs. I find them confusing  . But the thing is, it has always been like this. The CoD style of gameplay stands firmly on the shoulders of Counter Strike, like some precocious toddler trying to touch the sky. This manic, twitch-based gameplay combined with linear map construction has always been a thing. Here in the Philippines, winding your way through the de_dust hallways until you see some dudes to spray bullets at is even a timeworn cultural experience.

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But hey. Hey, fella? This might come as a shock to you, but there’s nothing wrong with certain groups of people liking certain kinds of games. Give to the CoD crowd what is unto the CoD crowd, and if it happens to be more of the same, then leave them to it. You can’t appeal to a demographic that is clearly not interested in what you’re selling. If I had to construct a completely arbitrary and off-base analogy, it’d be like trying to sell bacon to a Hassidic Jew. Wow, that was awful. I’m sorry.

Know your audience, Tripwire. And if you don’t know them, find one. Have them play your game and give you honest criticism. Leave the CoD players to their fate. It’s too late for them. Maybe some of them will jump ship and into your ultra-realistic shooting simulators, but most will keep spooning Cawadooty and projecting their salty behavior onto the world. They have their rude and awful Valhalla and you have yours. Plus, it’s not like you’ll have trouble finding a mature audience for a broader-stroked shootan game. But hey, I get the frustration. Just make your games good and you’ll find people who will acknowledge that.

Or you know, you can release an unfinished game 6 months too raw. You can do that, too.


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