Candied, crushed sago't gulaman

Sundate: Bushido Blade

Bushido Blade

Swords crossed at dawn’s light
Neither samurai will yield
Watch out for that ledge


Click for Mix's secret origins!Miksi-dono: Bushido Blade! Great video game. Turned the fighting game genre on its head with its realistic hit system. To think it came out in the 90’s, when fighting games were king. You chose from around seven samurai or ninja characters, and you fight another character in various 360-degree environments. The difference is that there were no health bars and no need for silly attack combos. Damage is dealt realistically. Slash at a dude’s arm and it falls off, or flaps uselessly at his side. Run your sword through his torso or slice through his cranium and you progress to the next stage. It was entirely possible to finish the game in 10 minutes tops if you just keep slicing through heads.

Click for Job's secret origins!

Jobu-san: To be clear, we’re talking about the first Bushido Blade, the one with the flamboyant pink-tuniced gunslinger. Was he in the second game? Man, That asshole was all kinds of slippery. He’d skip up to you and empty his twin revolvers before you could change stances. Then blam! Your left arm is dicked up! Why don’t you drop that blade, samurai? The answer is bushido. Always bushido. One of my more awful childhood experiences. I remember my friends and I would mimic the sword-crossing event, complete with sound effects. HWOAH ksss-ksss-ksss HWOAH. We were the dumbest.

[In Sundate, two writers kick back in their rocking chairs and wax reminiscent.]

Miksi-dono: I remember that guy. I remember the young samurai too, the bishounen dude. He was a fast draw. Best stage? The bamboo forest! I would run away from my opponent and try to cut the whole forest down before turning to my enemy. The attempt at realism bled into the environments too. Fall off a ledge and you’re dead.


Jobu-san: I’ve always wondered why the stages were so vast. You’re just dueling samurai! You need, like, a strip of tatami and you’re done. That was before I started running around and kiting my cousin (who used the naginata like the weakling that he was) like I was in a Kurosawa film. Awesome times. Not for my cousin, though. He’s a loser. What’s better? Or worse? Bushido Blade for the Kinect? Or pad-controlled but as a competitive e-sport?


Miksi-dono: In my humble opinion, this is one of those classic games that would benefit from an HD upgrade. But it would have to beef up its story and maybe add more battles, some minigames, perhaps? As it was, it was a short game, and probably not worth the price of an average game these days.

Jobu-san: It’s high and time for a realistic weapons-based fighting game. Maybe the makers of Lugaru and Overgrowth could dummy a build up? The idea of a high-stakes battle of skill and reflexes will appeal to the hardest of hardcore gamers. Sadly, it’ll still be a niche thing because it won’t have gigantic guns and cursing. But who knows? There might be enough people jaded with the current fighting game scene to play this.


Miksi-dono: Maybe individual storylines for each character that builds and adjusts according to player choices? Plus, I hear there was an honor system at play, wherein if you don’t kill anyone, run away to the next stage with your enemies at your heels, you get a special ending. Dunno how true that is though. An option to build your own character would be hilarious too.

Jobu-san: But the characters were awful though! Awful and boring! Aside from the fact that their alternate costumes made them look like Power Rangers in skimpy battle-underoos. And the bombastic pink gunman and the STYLIN’ Highway Man. Compared to how outrageous some of the fighting game characters are nowadays, the developers will have to step up the crazy and stop taking themselves seriously. Which will be impossible because the devs were Square. This could be a pun? The community will just have to make do with the create-your-own-character option. You know what that means…



One hit is one death
Fighting a hundred ninjas?
That’s just plain unfair


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